Preview: Georgia vs Scotland

On November 16, Georgia and Scotland are set to face off in the QR, Group A stage of the European Championship. This eagerly anticipated match is scheduled to commence at 17:00 UTC.

Recent Encounters and Current Form

This match marks a rematch for the two national teams, following their last encounter in the QR Group A, where Scotland emerged victorious with a 2-0 win. The Georgia national football team enters this game on a high, celebrating consecutive victories against Cyprus and Thailand. They aim to maintain this momentum against the Scottish side.

Contrastingly, the Scotland national football team is experiencing a rough patch. The team is looking to rebound after suffering three consecutive defeats at the hands of France, Spain, and England.

Comparative Performance

Georgia’s recent form is impressive, with victories over Cyprus and Thailand in their last two matches. On the other hand, Scotland is grappling with a series of losses against France, Spain, and England. In their last 20 games, Georgia has secured 13 wins, 4 losses, and 3 draws. Scotland’s record in their past 20 matches includes 11 wins, 6 losses, and 3 draws.

In their six most recent games, Georgia has achieved three victories (4-0 against Cyprus, 8-0 against Thailand, and 2-1 against Cyprus) and three losses (2-1 against Norway, 1-7 against Spain, and 2-0 against Scotland). Scotland’s last six games resulted in three wins (3-0 against Cyprus, 2-0 against Georgia, and 2-1 against Norway) and three losses (4-1 against France, 2-0 against Spain, and 3-1 against England).

Team Updates


Managed by Willy Sagnol, the Georgian team is in excellent condition with no injury concerns. This gives them a full-strength squad to select from for the upcoming match.


Similarly, the Scotland squad, led by manager Steve Clarke, is in top form with no players sidelined due to injuries. This bodes well for their preparations ahead of the match.

Historical Head-to-Head

Georgia and Scotland have faced each other three times since October 2014. In these encounters, Georgia has clinched one win, while Scotland has won twice. Their most recent meeting was on June 21, 2023, in the QR, Group A of the European Championship, which saw Scotland winning 2-0. Across these head-to-head matches, Georgia has netted a total of 1 goal, whereas Scotland has scored 3 goals.

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