Preview: Belgium vs Serbia

The upcoming friendly football match featuring Belgium and Serbia is set to take place on November 15, with the kickoff scheduled for 19:45 UTC.

Belgium’s Impressive Run

The Belgian national football team is currently enjoying a strong performance streak, having triumphed in recent matches against Austria, Estonia, and Azerbaijan. This has extended their unbeaten run to a total of eight games, highlighting their solid form.

Serbia’s Defensive Challenges

While the Serbian national team enters the match buoyed by a recent 3-1 victory in QR Group G against Montenegro, they have shown some vulnerabilities in their defense. The team has consistently conceded goals in their last six matches, indicating a potential area of concern.

Comparative Form and Recent Results

Belgium is currently riding a wave of victories, having defeated Austria, Estonia, and Azerbaijan in their last four matches. Serbia also comes off a win against Montenegro. Looking at the broader picture, Belgium has secured 11 wins in their last 19 games, with 4 losses and 4 draws. Serbia, on the other hand, has 12 wins from their last 20 matches, alongside 5 losses and 3 draws.

Breaking down their recent six-match performance, Belgium has achieved five wins (2-3 against Austria on October 14, 5-0 against Estonia on September 13, 0-1 against Azerbaijan on September 9, 0-3 against Estonia on June 21, and 2-3 against Germany on March 29) and one draw (1-1 against Austria on June 18).

In contrast, Serbia has recorded three wins (3-1 against Montenegro on October 18, 1-3 against Lithuania on September 11, and 3-2 against Jordan on June 17), two losses (2-1 against Hungary on October 15 and 1-2 against Hungary on September 8), and one draw (1-1 against Bulgaria on June 21) in their last six games.

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