Suwon FC vs Ulsan

Matchday 17 of the K-League rounds off with Ulsan visiting Suwon FC at the Suwon Sports Complex in anticipation of a well-deserved thrill. The visitors seek to scavenge points in the current league standings. The key proposal for this game boils on the fact that the guest squad are perched in the top place, but need to return to winning ways. League Diagnostics reveals the stronger statistics of the visitors needing buffers. Therefore the hosts remain slightly tipped as the premium choice of victory for this contest.

Last five matches: W-L-L-L-L

Suwon FC comes into this game off the back of a very perplexing exhibition in the last five league games. Reputed to be resilient and a point-staller of ties in the league so far, veracity is a prerequisite from the hosts if headway is something envisaged from this game. If not, a display of defeat would be inevitable for the home fans who wish for something credible from this fixture.

Last five matches: L-D-W-W-W

For the better part of the K League, Ulsan has been excellent since the opening games and is in the torch-bearing position. Critics reveal that things may finally turn around positively for this team after this fixture, despite the recent hiccup of a stalemate; against Suwon FC

They dropped points against their last two adversaries, and would basically fight against the steep plunge they face. Home and Away, Ulsan has scraped ten points in the last five games. Fans of Ulsan hope for a miracle against Suwon FC, who are in fifth place – five spots above in the league tournament.

Teams Position Goals Scored Goals Conceded Points
Suwon FC18 30 18
Ulsan32 18 38
Prediction: Ulsan Would Never Lose To This Team; Need To Return To Winning Ways

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