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Dear experts of Soccerpet,

You know, apart from the ability of predicting, the amount of followers also counts much in tips sales. However, it’s very hard to get followers because only when you are in the hot lists can you get the chance to attract users. Then how to win more followers? Post in Discover.

According to our survey, experts who have more users and orders than usual always post in Discover to expose themselves. Users may be persuaded by your free tips or other information about the match, and go to follow you. 

Below is the list of the lucy fellows last week.

Our Super Experts Last Week

Bruce Moss 19 win streak

A new star, Bruce Moss, is rising. It’s the first time for him to be in the list with a grade of 100% win rate in the last seven days and 19 win streak. 
Actually, it’s also a breakthrough for himself,which based on his hard working and serious attitude. Bruce Moss expressed his love to the betting area more than once. The chance of being in the list gives him more confidence to advance in this path. Therefore, we give him the first place this time. 

Ariadne Cecilia  2145% profit rate

Ariadne Cecilia, who ranks second this time, has a profit rate of 2145%. As a new member of Soccerpet, Saskia shows his extraordinary talent in predicting. 

Cole Kilbridge 1506% profit rate

Cole Kilbridge is very hardworking and modest. He said it has been a habit for him to learn from other professional experts. “That indeed works. Look, I’m here now.” Yes, hard working and efforts will be rewarded one day. Guys, come and supports the hard boy!

Come To View Who Got The Rewards Last Week

Hi, this is Soccerpet, welcome to my channel!

Sorry for the delay of update. We were celebrating a festival in the last few days, a festival which family should gather togther. Nonetheless, money will not delay. Once we returned to work, we immediately organized the list and informed the experts.

Another thing you need to know: we are making a survey in Discover in Soccerpet. If you are available, could you please take a few seconds to send your advice below the sticky post which was posted by our offical account? You will get chance to get the rewards we described in the post.

What’s more, you should know why we create ‘Discover’, right? To help experts get more followers! So what are you waiting for?

Below is the list of last week.

The Top Experts of Last Week

Marla Albie 1818% profit and 10 win streak

Expert Marla Albie is one of the best experts who joined us. He successfully hit 10 games in his last 10 picks, making his record to 10 winning streaks. In addition, he is not only with winning rate as high as 100% in the last 3 days, but also profit rate up to 1818% in 7-day performance.

Devon Emmet 9 of 10 win

Expert Devon Emmet is one of our most dedicated experts so far. Even though not posting as many as picks per week compared to others, he had made quality of his picks to a much higher level by recording 9 of 10 win. Despite of it, his profit in the last 7 days has also been up to 1313%.

Erica Janiya 100% win rate in the last 3 days

Expert Erica Janiya is a very hard-working expert with higher quality outputs. So far, he posted 25 picks per week on average and obtained a winning rate as high as up to 100% in the last 3 days, which ultimately making his profit rate have been up to 1003%.

Why should we avoid Parlays?

Avoiding parlays is a common opinion among expert bettors that to be successful at sports betting. However, contrary to what the professionals think, parlay betting is prevalent. Parlay bet allows bettors to win much higher earnings than a simple bet, that’s why it becomes popular. Bookmakers encourage bettors to make these types of bets. But have you ever wondered why?

High Odds And Minimal Hit Odds

Also called accumulators, parlays consist of unifying several simple bets in a single bet. Thanks to this, we can tailor a bet with high odds to suit us. We can calculate a two-match parlay’s odds by multiplying the odds of each chosen event. Suppose we bet that two soccer games end in a draw. Also, let’s imagine that the tie odds in each match would be 3.7 and 3.8. In that case, the odds of our parlay would be 3.7 x 3.8 = 14.06. As we can see, we will obtain a very high odd.

If we create, for example, a parlay with four single bets with odds of 1.5, 2.0, 4.0, and 2.5, respectively, the parlay odd will be 1.5 x 2.0 x 4.0 x 2.5 = 30. This is a very attractive odd, isn’t it? However, we must observe that as the odds increase, our success probability decreases. We can calculate the odds’ implicit probability as the odds’ inverse. In our first example, the implicit probability was equal to 1 / 14.06 = 0.0711. That is, our winning probability is 7.11%

In the second example, the odds are 30, and our hitting probability is 3.33%. We can see our chances of winning drastically decrease by placing parlay bets. The risk we run is very high.

Beware Of The Bookie’s Spread When Placing Parlay Bets

All odds of a bookmaker carry a spread. This spread reduces the odds concerning the event’s real occurring probability and represents the bookie’s profit. There is a relatively simple formula to estimate this spread, and it is the following:

Bookie’s spread = 1 – [(1 – simple spread) ^ Number of bets]

If we do a three-game parlay with an average spread of 5%, we will have the following:

Bookie’s spread = 1 – [(1 – 0.05) ^ 3] = 1 – (0.95 x 0.95 x 0.95) = 0.143

So, this means that the bookie’s commission is 14.3%. The spread almost tripled when combining three bets! Remember that the spread is the bookmaker’s profit. So, the reason for the great interest of the bookies in which we place parlays is clear.

After the above, it is clear that we will have very low hitting probabilities if we combine bets to obtain very high odds. In this way, our profits will be much lower. We could even fall into long losing streaks that lead us to lose our bankroll. We must also bear in mind the effect of the bookie spread. When we place an accumulator bet, we must place all bets with the same sportsbook. Therefore, we cannot benefit from reducing the spread by looking for the most convenient odds in different sportsbooks.

Experts Who Got The Rewards Last Week

Hi, this is Soccerpet. Welcome to my channel.

FIFA world cup qatar 2022 is now going on like a raging fire, and many experts are scrambling to send their tips about the games. As far as I know, many users are concerning about the qualifiers, and the unlocks are rising these days. What does that mean? Your chance comes! Some experts often complain to me, “There are few games I am interested and I’m not familiar with those games. How can I predict?” I don’t know how to answer before. But now, I have to remind you guys that it’s a precious chance to earn and upgrade your level.

Only if you are capatable, you can achieve finacially freedom. And of course, for those who have high win rate but few unlocks, Soccerpet will support you as ususal during the qualifiers.

Below is the list of lucky fellows from Sep 6 to Sep 12.

List of the Super Experts

Wilda Murray 12 win streak

Wilda Murray ranked first in the list this time with the grade 12 win steak and 100% win rate in the last 3 days. “I regarded it as my career since I was very young, cos my dad loves predicting, too and he has earned a lot from it.” “I’ve got a lot these days, not only money. Thank you Soccerpet! For the chance!” No matter what, let’s support the man and give him the confidence on predicting.

Francesca Murray 2247% profit rate

You can always see Francesca in the hot experts lists in our APP, right? He is one of the most excellent experts in Soccerpet, but he is also the most modest. What he want is money, just like you guys. So he can always get high profit. If you wanna make money, come and follow him!

Clown 10 of 11 win

Wow wow wow, look who is it! Clown! Maybe you guys have bought his tips several times cos we promoted him before. Honestly, he is terribly excellent. He has been in the list in the last three weeks and from time to time, he can always give us surprises. 8 win streak is not his strength, he can get greater grade. You know, there are two kinds of experts in Soccerpet: One with analysis and one without. Obviously, experts who can analyse are facing more challenges. So my bro, come and support Clown!

The Important Facts About Asian Handicap

What’s Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicaps developed because of the limited amount of goals often scored in soccer matches. Bettors were looking for a way to place wagers, but also not be completely at the mercy of the Football Gods when it comes to goals scored. A team can often have a dozen or more terrific scoring opportunities and still not find the back of the onion bag after 90 minutes. So Asian Handicap helps to reduce some of that variance.

The Asian Handicap betting market is a market that considers form, winning margins and the most probable outcomes of a match. Instead of betting on one team to win or the game to be drawn, you can bet on the margins a team will either win by or the margins by which they will avoid defeat. Asian Handicap betting levels the playing field in two ways. Firstly for the teams, as in some cases one team may be much more favored than the other to win and this can mean small betting odds.

Asian Handicap betting considers only the margin by which a game may be won or lost, helping to create a market deemed even. Also, it provides better and equal betting odds for the punter.

Pros & Cons of Asian Handicap

Pro – Asian Handicap betting provides steady betting odds with good liquidity, making it easier to place bigger stakes.

Pro – Asian Handicap betting is easier to stake evenly on, eliminating the risk of judging how to stake on varying odds.

Con – Asian Handicap can be a frustrating form of betting to some people, as it requires a lot of patience. Slow and steady wins the race.

Con – Whilst this method of betting should make for a bettor win percentage than best odds above even money, you’ll need to win 55% of sports bets over the long term to make a profit from sports betting.

Understanding this betting market is crucial to developing a good betting strategy and helps you to understand that just because a team is likely to lose a game, they may well be a solid Asian handicap bet.

Asian Handicap betting is arguably a fantastic option for a few reasons. Firstly you may feel more protected when using a whole line. A -1 asian handicap offers a degree of comfort. When you assess a team is likely to win by two clear goals or better there are options that allow you to bet on that such as ‘To win by two or more goals’ betting market or -1.5AH. By taking the -1AH you know that if the team wins but by only one goal your money is safely returned.

Another reason is you don’t have to bet small odds on the favorite or risk money on the underdog. The main Asian Handicap betting market for any game usually offers best odds around 1.90 and a handicap that is meant to reflect the gaps in quality between two teams.

A good Asian handicap strategy is key to success. If you bet without research you’re preparing to fail. Many bettors assume that the higher ranking teams, teams in better form and generally better-rated teams are going to beat the handicap more often than not. In reality, it’s hard for anyone to beat anyone by more than the asian handicap suggests at the top level of sport. There is no right or wrong way to employ asian handicap betting strategies. If you prioritise margins of victories, injury news, motivation or situational factors, you’re making a conscious effort to do something that will improve your chances of victory.

Our top football analysis experts

Zelida Audrina 1487% profit rate

Zelida Audrina is introverted, that’s the impression I got after communicating with him. “I’d rather being at home and analyzing the games. That’s much easier than social contact.” Everyone can shine in their own field, so does Zelida. Earnings from Soccerpet help him prevent many quarrels from his family and now, he can put his heart and soul into predicting.

Robert Williams  73% win rate in the last 3 days

Finally, Robert is on the list. He is now level 5 and there are about 875 picks in total. As a old member of Soccerpet, he knows well how fierce the competition here. Of course, 90% win rate is not his best grade, it’s just because that when he had a better grade, someone had already passed him. “Thank god, finally!” said he with a bitter smile. Never did he expect that he can be on the list with only 90% win rate.

Martin Walker 13 of 14 win

Martin, also an old member of Soccerpet, finally waited a chance to be here. As Robert, he has mixed feelings now. He once got 11 win streak or over, but this time, he got the chance unexpectedly. “I can do better, you know,” Martin sighed. “Hope me can be here with my best grade next time.” Okay, may you wishes come true.


  • Final round of Concacaf qualifying for Qatar 2022 has arrived
  • Eight teams will compete in home-and-away fixtures
  • Three direct qualification slots for the World Cup up for grabs

Qualifying for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ in the North, Central America and Caribbean region (Concacaf) has reached a new era. For years fans have been used to the “Hexagonal” round – or famously known as the “Hex” – but that chapter has closed with the page turned to the expanded “Octagonal” format.

Over the next few months until the end of March 2022, eight nations will play 14 matches (seven home and seven away) for three direct qualification tickets to the biggest international tournament on the planet for the world’s most popular sport. The fourth-place finisher will compete in an intercontinental play-off against an opponent from either the AFC (Asia), CONMEBOL (South America) or OFC (Oceania), scheduled for June 2022. previews the first set of matches in September in the region as the first-ever “Octagonal” sets up a bevy of mouthwatering fixtures.

Schedule: First three matchdays

2 September


El Salvador-USA



5 September


El Salvador-Honduras



8 September

Canada-El Salvador



Costa Rica-Jamaica

Mexico under pressure

Mexico and the World Cup are practically synonymous. El Tri have qualified for seven consecutive finals and 16 of the 21 in total. However, 2021 has not gone to plan so far for coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino and Co. Two defeats by regional rivals USA in two finals – an unprecedented occurrence – means Mexico have plenty they want to put right. A confident opening victory over Jamaica in front of their home fans at the famous Azteca will go some way to improving the team’s overall mental state. With several players coming off a bronze-medal finish at Tokyo 2020, they will bring a necessary positivity to the group as well.

USA hungry to return to the big stage

Ever since 10 October 2017 when the US failed to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ they have been preparing to rectify their mistakes and have hit the reset button. Coming off winning the Concacaf Nations League and Gold Cup this year, Gregg Berhalter’s young and predominantly European-based team – the average age of the squad is just over 24 years old with 16 players plying their trade in Europe – begin the final round on the road to Qatar 2022 full of confidence with considerable momentum.

“We have spent the last two years building the foundation and culture of the team for this moment,” said Berhalter. “World Cup qualifying is a gruelling challenge that demands a complete group effort in order to be successful. We are confident in our ability to respond to the challenges that are presented along the way.”