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Application Qualifications :

  1. An effective soccerpet registered Email.
  2. Familiar with sports, especially football & basketball.
  3. Experts with experience preferred.
  4. Good at at least one league analysis and betting type.

Required Application Documents :

  1. Name, Nation/Region, Email registered on soccerpet, Mobile, Nickname, Games favoured, Betting type favoured, Qualification&Experiences.
  2. A piece of prediction and analysis for an upcoming game.
  3. Identity (Or permanent address/Passport/Driving License/Bank Statement).
  4. Photo (128*128, <50KB).

Application Documents Collection :

All required application documents with valid and effective information are advised to deliver to soccerpet official email [email protected]

Qualification Verification :

Verification will start upon successful reception of complete and effective application documents sent by applicators. Verification outcome will be informed within 3-5 working days via soccerpet official email [email protected] since reception.

Expert Welcome :

After successfully verified, applicators will be granted Expert Identity, and informed with expert picks publication guidance via soccerpet official email [email protected] or soccerpet app.

Publication and Review of Expert Picks :

During trial operation period, all expert picks edited by verified experts will be delivered to soccerpet official email [email protected] for review. Once verified, it will be published by soccerpet for all users’ access and purchase. Meanwhile, experts will be informed about the official publication upon its successful go. Later on, all experts are recommended to post picks directly via an official weblink or app. The date shall be informed in due course.

Experts Earnings and Withdrawal :

Experts will be awarded once its picks are purchased by users. Detailed earning and withdrawal rules will be independently informed once experts are successfully verified by soccerpet.

*Importance: If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]