Come and collect your rewards

Hey, bros. We recently added an informative and interesting feature, and it’s called ‘Discover’. New users who post content on the ‘Discover’ channel will receive bonus coins. Of course there are more ways to get coins.

What can we post?

1.Analysis and opinions of the matches; or the related information;
2.News about the soccer players;
3.Some interesting things you encountered;
Including but not limited to this.You can post more diversified and interesting content. We will be very glad to see your posts in ‘Discover’.
Of course, your content cannot be related to rumor, evil speaking, race, politics, nudity, violence or any other illegal words. Once we find anything illegal, we will block your account immediately.

How to post and view the posts?

Method one: Discover→Edit icon (View posts in Discover)

Method two: Click a match→Enter to match details→Comment→Edit icon (View posts with match topic in Match Comments)

Method three: More→Task Center→Post Activities (View in Discover or Match Comments)

Will we get the rewarded coins?
Of course. You can get rewarded coins through the following ways.
1.Get rewarded coins from the first three posts you post every day;

2.Rewarded by the official account & other users;

3.Get rewarded coins through reporting rules-breaking posts.

what are you waiting for? Come and join us, guys.

Notice:If you can not find “Discover” in your APP, please update the APP to the latest version.