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Zelida Audrina 1487% profit rate

Zelida Audrina is introverted, that’s the impression I got after communicating with him. “I’d rather being at home and analyzing the games. That’s much easier than social contact.” Everyone can shine in their own field, so does Zelida. Earnings from Soccerpet help him prevent many quarrels from his family and now, he can put his heart and soul into predicting.

Robert Williams  73% win rate in the last 3 days

Finally, Robert is on the list. He is now level 5 and there are about 875 picks in total. As a old member of Soccerpet, he knows well how fierce the competition here. Of course, 90% win rate is not his best grade, it’s just because that when he had a better grade, someone had already passed him. “Thank god, finally!” said he with a bitter smile. Never did he expect that he can be on the list with only 90% win rate.

Martin Walker 13 of 14 win

Martin, also an old member of Soccerpet, finally waited a chance to be here. As Robert, he has mixed feelings now. He once got 11 win streak or over, but this time, he got the chance unexpectedly. “I can do better, you know,” Martin sighed. “Hope me can be here with my best grade next time.” Okay, may you wishes come true.


Gambling and betting are two different terms but often; these two are often confused to mean the same thing.

As a gambler, you have no time to do proper match analysis or to look into the nitty grits of the game. A gambler is always quick to place a bet, and they depend on luck to make a profit.

On the other hand, taking time to do deep analysis is the way to go. Study any material you can land on and get all the useful information before placing a bet. We cannot insist enough that soccer betting is more successful if done as a long-term investment.

Have you decided to start in the world of soccer betting? If you want to win, you must know how to do it, avoid rookie mistakes, and prepare the ground for future winnings.

How to Manage Your Soccer Betting Bankroll ?

Plan On the Amount you Want to Start With,This simply means using the funds at your disposal in the most reasonable manner.

Put aside a certain amount of money that you are comfortable losing and use it to start you off. After deciding on the amount to use, it’s time to learn some basic money management skills.

One of the problems with most punters is the issue of greed. It is common to find punters increasing their betting bankroll from time to time in a bid to reap more profits. However, due to the volatile nature of this trade, it is only prudent to stick to a particular goal and work hard to improve it.

The simple rule with soccer betting is to stop viewing it as a get-rich-quick scheme but rather, as a long-term investment.

Choose the right investment way, Invest for fixed amount.

Punters bet a fixed amount each time, whether they win or lose.

For example, I bought 10 matches, and I invest $10 on each match.This approach greatly reduces the chance that a punter will lose all of their money, but it also means that the punter’s income will increase only in a “slow and steady” way.

However, it’s the most appropriate way for beginners.Stability should be beginners’ primary goal.

Follow one professional expert for a long time.

Experts must have his unique insights or information that we don’t know. Collecting this information to supplement our judgment on the game and improve our win rate is the correct way to bet.

As a true professional gambling expert, he must be able to make profits with his followers steadily and not let them down.

When betting with experts, punters must not blindly follow those who win briefly.

Punters need to know more about the true strength of the experts, and once fix one expert, just follow him. Win and lose are not only decided by strength, but also by luck. No one can guarantee 100% of win rate for a long time. What we need are long-term gains.

All in all, manage your money and choose an appropriate way to invest are the keys to win as a beginner.

Only after learning these, you can explore more methods to earn money in soccer betting. Thank you for reading

Yesterday AI Surprisingly Hit Games

Yesterday AI Surprisingly Hit Games, at odds up to 3.73+3.6+3.2

Yesterday AI predictions are showing continuously incredible outputs with surprising higher odds in 1X2 betting market, including:
-Swedish Allsvenskan, Elfsborg home win at 2.51
-Spanish Segunda Division, Real Oviedo home draw at 3.02
-Spanish Segunda Division, CD Castellón home lose at 2.01
-Norwegian Tippeligaen, Rosenborg home loss at 2.87

Among it, AI recorded hits on Austrian Bundesliga TSV Hartberg: including home draw at 2.65, AH at 0.87 and Over at 1.02

Keep following to get more predictions & analysis

List of partial incredible AI games predictions:
Hartberg vs Austria Wien, Click for details
Elfsborg vs Norrköping, Click for details
Real Oviedo vs Mirandes, Click for details
Rosenborg vs Molde, Click for details
Castellon vs Rayo Vallecano, Click for details

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