How to increase your sales?

Dear experts of Soccerpet

Given that a lot of people are struggling in increasing their sales, we gathered some points for you guys for reference. Hope the article will help you.

1. Improve the quality of your picks.

This is the most important and basic tip, so I put it at the first place. As an experienced tipster,  you guys know well bettors thinking. They want to win and money, so what you can do is to provide them winning tips with great profit. Only if you have excellent tips, punters will be very willing to buy your tips and follow you. Besides, when you are in the list of top experts, there is a great probability for you to be promoted by Soccerpet: Promote your tips or promote your account in through banner.  

2. Operate your expert account in Soccerpet and gain more followers.  

1.) You are a new expert in Soccerpet. No one know you even if you have great tips. So what you can do to expose yourself? Yup, post tips in Discover. I have sent you an email before to remind you using the function, but few experts do that. Several experts who contact us often have got great grades after using Discover. They always sent their opinions and related information in Discover, or call on users to buy their tips, through which, they got several rich followers and have greatly improved their earnings.  

2.) What if I’m in bad condition and always lose recently? Everyone may meet this condition, so relax. When you are forgotten by the luck fairy, try to let go of your desires of making money in case of losing your followers and some potential rich followers. For example, you can post ‘Refundable if fails’ tips, not ‘No refund’ tips and tell users in Discover what you’ve done today; posting free tips is also a way to attract followers, so why not try this?

Once you post tips, the system will push notifications to your followers to remind them of buying you tips. So your sales partly depends on the amount of your followers. Do as the instructions we provide, and earn more money together!