Super Stars In The Last 7 Days

Soccerpet is always keen on serving users and taking users convenience. Here we once again picked some excellent experts in the last 7 days for reference. Below is a brief introduction.

Expert Premiertips – 1210% profit rate

Expert Premiertips brought us a great surprise—- 1210 % profit rate, although not as high as those who ranked first before. He was still a potential who deserves to be followed. After all, he is a frequency of this ranking.

Expert Sania Zachary– 8 of 10 win

Expert Sania Zachary got 8 of 10 win in the last 7 days with 15 picks per week. Also, in the last 3 days, his win rate has reached up to 89%, which is higher than most of the experts.

Expert maxpicks –  100% win rate in the last 3 days

The handsome, maxpicks, got 100% win rate in the last 3 days and 73% win rate in the last 7 days. Also, this time being in the ranking motivates him to produce more high quality picks. So let’s see how he performs in the future.