Super Stars In The Last 7 Days

Soccerpet is always keen on serving users and taking users convenience. Here we once again picked some excellent experts in the last 7 days for reference. Below is a brief introduction.

Expert Francesca Murray – 1684% profit rate

As one of our best experts,  Francesca Murray once again brought us surprises—-1684% profit rate. He is always the No. 1 of this ranking, the king of Soccerpet! We won’t promote him with more words, because his strength has already proved him!

Expert Talitha Bonita – 9 win streak

There is no question about expert Talitha Bonita ’s ability. Talitha Bonita is a hardworking guy since he comes here. All his efforts build him now—-9 win streak with profit rate as high as 1032%.

Expert Cate Lindy –  1028% profit rate and 89% win rate in the last 7 days

Expert Cate Lindy is a new comer here with only 12 picks per week. However, we can see his strength from his recent performance: 9 of 10 win and 1028% profit rate. Genius always has his way of predicting. So let’s see how he performs in the future.