Super Stars In The Last 7 Days

In the last 7 days, our experts again had outstanding performance. Below is a brief introduction to our partial experts, hope to increase your probability to win.

Expert Zelida Audrina – 1052% profit rate

Expert  Zelida Audrina  is a very hard-working expert with higher quality outputs. In the last 7 days, he got 89% win rate and 1052% profit rate, ranked top 3 in our expert lists. He always uses his own method to win and analyze matches. Support him and give both of you a chance!

Expert Robert Williams – 90% win rate in the last 3 days

Expert  Robert Williams  is one of our most dedicated experts so far. 28 picks per week-a high output, doesn’t represent that he posts casually, but posts with high sense of responsibility. If you are a regular of the expert ranking list, you will be very familiar to his name. After all, he has strength to be in the list.

Expert Aggie Nieve- 9 win streak, 100% win rate in the last 3 days, and 92% win rate in the last 7 days

Expert  Aggie Nieve  is one of our best experts. By obtaining a very unique way of analysis, he successfully made his winning rate as high as 100% in the last 3 days, 92% in the last 7 days, which ultimately making his hit record 9 win steak.