The Super Experts Last Week

Experts who are capatabe have posted some selected picks last week and have brought users surprises. Below is a brief introduction to our partial experts and their performance.

Expert Janessa Pip – 9 of 10 win, 81% win rate in the last 7 days

Expert  Janessa Pip  is a very hard-working expert with higher quality outputs. In the last 7 days, he got 81% win rate and 1218% profit rate, ranked top 3 in our expert lists. That’s the best grade he has ever got in the recent few months. Since he has such a good condition, why not support him?

Expert The Smart Tipster – 1261% profit rate

Expert  The Smart Tipster  is one of our most dedicated experts so far. He posted many free tips before cus he told me he wants to do something for those who have same interests with him. He not only tips, but also analyzes. Nearly 5 years soccer tipping experience gives him confidence to post free. Follow him and support him to post more free! ^_^

Expert Emilio Paries- 100% win rate, 9 win streak

Expert  Emilio Paries  is one of our best experts in history. By obtaining a very unique way of analysis, he successfully made his winning rate as high as 100% in the last 3 days, which ultimately making his hit record 9 win steak.