How to choose top football experts?

Marcus Dater 10 win streak and 1033% profit rate

“Nobody can stop me,” said Marcus Dater with a serious face. His family always prevent him from betting and predicting, but actually he supports his family by this. With professional knowledge and years of experience, he can give his followers surprises time to time, and also, to himself. As the No.1 of this list this time, Marcus Dater got both 10 win streak and high profit rate, which is up to 1033%. Hope he can keep his position next time.

Francesca Murray 2346% profit rate

Francesca Murray is the second one of the list this time. Obviously, he is the fan of Leo Messi. People around me who are Messi’s fans are always hardworking and excellent. Maybe Messi’s fans don’t want to shame on him? I don’t know. But what I know is that Francesca indeed gives Messi honor when he is on the list with the image of Messi.

Sloane Dario 100% win rate in the last 3 days.

Sloane Dario is now on level 5, but his picks per week are only 13. What does that mean? He is lazy? Or he actually doesn’t like predicting that much? No! He love predicting. But it’s because of this fancy, he treats every match carefully and seriously. That’s why he can get 100% win streak in the last 3 days.