Our top football experts

Francesca Murray Profit rate 2388%

Francesca, who is now on level 4, wins this chance to be in the list. 2388% of profit rate gives his confidence to stand out among those experts. Messi is his idol and the one who guides him into the betting area. “I like predicting his matches before, but now, I think I’ve been professional to predict all the matches, not only matches with Messi.”

Deanna Trey 100% win rate in the last 7 days

He must be very careful judging from the amount of his picks per week. 7 picks per week, what does that mean? Every of his pick was carefully considered before posting. Careful and responsible man is always attracting, so does Deanna. Followers of his is increasing, but I wonder if there are any female followers? After all, Deanna is still single now.

Erich Clarke 10 win streak

That’s always cool to get win streak, especially when the number is over 10. Erich is the cool man this time. Besides, his profit rate is up to 689%, which is also a fatal attraction to the users of Soccerpet. “Making money is the only thing I want now,” said Erich. So following him must be a right choice.