Analysis of the results of Experts in European Cup 

[Archer Odalis]:He gets 6 hits of 6 EURO Cup recommended matches, which improves his profit rate up to 492%. Besides, he never lets us down. We pushed two of his picks yesterday, neither of them failed. He is always reliable. With stable and excellent performance this month, his monthly profit rate has been up to 919%. Look forward to his performance tonight.

[Adrienne Alesandro]:14 hits of 20 EURO Cup recommended matches, amazing, right? Adrienne did it. His profit rate has been up to 614% now! What’s worth mentioning is that he got a hit and a push in his two predictions of yesterday, both of which took his followers fat profit. In the last 7 days, his win rate is up to 75%, which also broke his own record. And today, he still kept his good condition and is fighting on EURO Cup.

[Evelyn Kitty]: Evelyn had an excellent performance in EURO Cup prediction: 13 hits of 20, and a high profit rate—-382%. He got one hit and one push in the two matches he predicted yesterday,and also, the two picks brought him great profit. His peak state came back again!

[Sportbets]: 7 hits of 10 EURO Cup recommended matches,and high win rate which is up to 70%, that’s his performance recently. Sportbets tipped a EURO Cup match yesterday. He placed England, Under. As expected, he won it.

[Bettingtogether]: 17 hits of 25 EURO Cup recommended matches. Bettingtogether still shows his sharp side. His profit has been up to 1022%.

[Cole Kilbridge]: 12 hits of 17 matches. Cole’s profit rate has been up to 568%. Although he had a bad condition in the last few days, he still tried his best to perform in EURO Cup. Looking forward his following picks.

[Juan Johnson]: He posted 22 picks of EURO Cup, in which 16 picks hit. His profit rate is up to 716% now. Juan is finding back his spirit, 4 winning streaks can show his condition.