Hey guys, superstar experts of last week come out now!

Below is the list of our stars!
Premiertips】 719% Profit in the last 7 days
Marcus Dater】 9 hits of 10 matches
Protips】 86% Win rate in the last 3 days

Premiertips】 always hopes to bring his followers fat profits. Look, he did it. His profit in the last 7 days has been up to 719%! Amazing! Isn’t it? And also, the number of his followers surged recently. Hope to see his name in our next week’s superstar experts list!

Marcus Dater】 is a handsome and hard-working man with a lot of experience. He nearly posted 31 picks per week, which evidences his enthusiasm to the soccer betting area. And, the 9 hits of 10 matches also rewards his hard working. He indeed made a great achievement!

Protips】 had an excellent performance in the last 3 days: His win rate has been up to 86%! Unbelievable! What’s more, some of his followers always come to urge him to post more picks in the recent few days. A good performance can always get trust of your followers!