Incredible Winning & Profit Records

Till 19th May, soccerpet experts have been continuously presenting their outputs in stable, in which winning rate and profit rate are far more than expected. Below is our partial experts and their outstanding performance :

1. About Expert Sam Jacoby

Expert Sam Jacoby is one of the most excellent experts recently with winning rate as high as up to 82%. Since 12 May, he has never tasted losing streaks, sitting 1st currently in the weekly profit table with profit rate up to 969%. In terms of monthly performance, he is also not bad, making profit rate up to 1578%. Strongly recommend to follow

2. About Expert Starpicks

Expert Starpicks hit 3 targets yesterday covering Premier league, France Ligue 2 and England Championship. With a record of 8 hits in 10 and 5 winning streaks, he successfully made his 7-day winning rate over 80%, weekly winning rate in the table top. In terms of monthly profit rate, he is doing quite well, managing it up to 1153%.

3. About Expert Eurobets

Expert Eurobets is one of the earliest experts who joined us. Yesterday, he successfully hit 2 games including premier league and Serie A, making his record to 9 winning streaks. In addition, he is not only with winning rate as high as 74%, but also profit rate up to 799% in 7-day performance. In terms of monthly performance, his profit rate is as high as 1436%.