Preview: Yokohama F. Marinos VS Albirex Niigata

In an eagerly awaited match in Japan’s J-League, Yokohama F. Marinos are set to face Albirex Niigata on November 24. The game is slated for a 10:00 UTC start.

Known by various names such as Yokohama, Yokohama F, YOKOHAMA F.MARINOS, Yokohama F•Marinos, Yokohama F・Marinos, Yokohama M., or Yokohama Marinos, the team is preparing for a rematch against Albirex Niigata. Their last encounter, six months ago, ended in a 2-1 victory for Albirex Niigata. Currently, Yokohama F. Marinos are in splendid form, achieving victories over Cerezo Osaka, Kaya, and Avispa Fukuoka. Aiming to continue their winning streak, they also boast an impressive defensive record in recent home games, maintaining clean sheets in their last three appearances as hosts.

Albirex Niigata enters this match on the back of a draw with F.C.Tokyo on November 11, extending their unbeaten run to seven games.

Teams’ Recent Performances

Yokohama F. Marinos’ Winning Momentum

Yokohama F. Marinos have been on a roll, securing wins against Cerezo Osaka, Kaya, and Avispa Fukuoka in their last four matches. Out of their recent 19 games, they have won 10, drawn 3, and lost 6. Specifically, in their last six games, they achieved five victories, including wins against Cerezo Osaka, Kaya twice, Avispa Fukuoka, and Urawa Red Diamonds, and faced a single defeat to Urawa Red Diamonds.

Albirex Niigata’s Consistent Form

On the other side, Albirex Niigata have shown consistency, drawing their latest match against F.C.Tokyo. In their last 20 games, they have 9 wins, 6 draws, and 5 losses. Their last six matches include three wins against Kyoto Purple Sanga, Kawasaki Frontale, and Yokohama FC, and three draws with F.C.Tokyo, Sagan Tosu, and Gamba Osaka.

Historical Matchups

Head-to-Head Overview

The history between Yokohama F. Marinos and Albirex Niigata dates back to March 2017, with the teams having faced each other six times since then. Yokohama F. Marinos have the upper hand with four wins and one draw, while Albirex Niigata have secured one victory. Their most recent encounter was on May 14, 2023, where Albirex Niigata emerged victorious with a 2-1 scoreline. Across these encounters, Yokohama F. Marinos have scored a total of 13 goals, whereas Albirex Niigata have netted 6.

Preview: Defensa y Justicia VS San Lorenzo

Anticipated Matchup in Argentina’s National Cup

On November 24 UTC, Defensa y Justicia is set to face San Lorenzo in a highly anticipated National cup match in Argentina. This encounter comes after their previous meeting in the Liga Profesional Round 2, where San Lorenzo emerged victorious with a 0-1 scoreline.

Defensa y Justicia Seeking Redemption Amidst Struggles

Known also as Defensa or U DEFENSA Y JUSTICIA, the team is experiencing a challenging phase. Ahead of this crucial match, they have suffered consecutive losses, including a defeat by San Lorenzo and a recent setback against Estudiantes de La Plata. Their last five games haven’t seen a single victory, indicating a rough patch in their campaign. The team’s defense, having conceded goals in their last three matches, is an area of focus, with both coach and players likely to emphasize strengthening this aspect.

San Lorenzo’s Positive Momentum

In contrast, San Lorenzo approaches this match with a positive outlook, buoyed by their recent 0-1 win against Defensa y Justicia in the Liga Profesional Round 2. This victory is part of a four-match unbeaten streak, setting a confident tone for the upcoming cup clash.

Analyzing Recent Performances

Defensa y Justicia’s recent form is a concern, with losses to San Lorenzo and Estudiantes de La Plata marking their recent outings. San Lorenzo, conversely, secured a win against Defensa in their last encounter. Looking at the broader picture, Defensa y Justicia have managed 8 wins, 7 draws, and 5 losses in their last 20 matches. San Lorenzo’s record is slightly different, with 7 wins, 8 draws, and 5 losses in their last 20 games.

In their last six matches, Defensa y Justicia won against Chaco For Ever, lost to San Lorenzo, Estudiantes de La Plata, and Belgrano Cordoba, and drew with Racing and Union Santa Fe. San Lorenzo, meanwhile, recorded victories over Defensa y Justicia and San Martin SJ, a loss to Godoy Cruz, and draws against Boca Juniors, Sarmiento, and Platense.

Historical Head-to-Head Overview

The historical encounters between Defensa y Justicia and San Lorenzo have been evenly matched since March 2021. Out of six meetings, both teams have secured two wins each, with two matches ending in draws. Their last confrontation on November 13, 2023, in the Liga Profesional, Round 2, saw San Lorenzo winning 0-1. Across these encounters, Defensa y Justicia scored a total of 7 goals, while San Lorenzo has netted 6.

Preview: Boca Juniors vs. Estudiantes de La Plata

Scheduled Encounter

Boca Juniors are set to face Estudiantes de La Plata in the Argentine National Cup on November 23. This anticipated match is slated for a start time of 00:10 UTC.

Team Overview

Known alternatively as Boca or Boca Jrs, Boca Juniors are preparing to square off against Estudiantes de La Plata, also known as Estudiantes, Estudiantes L.P., Estudiantes La Plata, or Estudiantes LP. Their last encounter was 7 months prior during the Liga Profesional Round 2, which saw Estudiantes de La Plata emerging victorious with a scoreline of 0-1. Boca Juniors are entering the match with high spirits, having recently defeated Newells Old Boys in the Liga Profesional Round 2 on November 13.

On the other side, Estudiantes de La Plata is also riding a wave of positive momentum, having achieved three consecutive victories against CA Central Cordoba, Defensa y Justicia, and Sarmiento.

Recent Performance

Boca Juniors’ recent match resulted in a win against Newells Old Boys. Estudiantes de La Plata, on their part, are experiencing a series of victories, having triumphed over CA Central Cordoba, Defensa y Justicia, and Sarmiento in their last three games. In their past 20 matches, Boca Juniors have secured 9 wins, suffered 7 losses, and drew 4 times, whereas Estudiantes de La Plata have bagged 11 wins, faced 5 losses, and ended 4 matches in draws.

In their latest 6 games, Boca Juniors have claimed victory thrice (1-0 against Newells Old Boys on November 13, 2-1 against Union Santa Fe on October 21, and a 1-1 result against Talleres Cordoba on October 16), lost twice (1-2 to Fluminense on November 5 and 2-1 to Racing on October 25), and drawn once (1-1 against San Lorenzo on November 9).

Similarly, Estudiantes de La Plata have notched up 4 wins (0-1 against CA Central Cordoba on November 11, 2-1 against Defensa y Justicia on November 6, 2-1 against Sarmiento on October 24, and 0-2 against Huracan on October 14) and experienced 2 losses (2-1 against Platense on October 19 and 0-1 against Godoy Cruz on October 8) in their last 6 outings.

Head-to-head Record

Since August 2018, Boca Juniors and Estudiantes de La Plata have clashed 6 times. Each team has recorded 3 victories. Their most recent face-off was on April 16, 2023, in the Liga Profesional, Round 2 in Argentina, where Estudiantes de La Plata secured a 0-1 win. In these encounters, both teams have scored an equal number of goals, tallying 5 each.

Preview: Brazil vs. Argentina

On November 22, a highly anticipated match is set to occur in the CONMEBOL World Cup Preliminaries, featuring Brazil against Argentina. This significant match is scheduled to commence at 00:30 UTC.

Rivalry Renewed

The Brazilian and Argentinian national teams are preparing to reignite their rivalry, two years after their last encounter in the CONMEBOL Preliminaries, which concluded in a goalless draw. Brazil, also known as BRASIL, is currently experiencing a challenging phase. They are heading into this encounter on the back of losses against Colombia and Uruguay, marking a three-game stretch without a win. The team, under their coach’s guidance, is likely to focus intensively on bolstering their defense, especially since they have conceded goals in their last five home games.

In contrast, Argentina is gearing up for this match following a defeat to Uruguay in the last CONMEBOL Preliminary match. However, their recent performances in away games have been commendable, evidenced by three successive clean sheets in matches played on foreign soil.

Current Team Dynamics

Brazil’s recent form has been concerning, with consecutive defeats to Colombia and Uruguay. In contrast, Argentina’s last match also ended in a loss against Uruguay. Assessing their performances in the last 20 matches, Brazil has achieved 12 wins, 6 losses, and 2 draws, whereas Argentina boasts 18 wins, a single loss, and one draw.

Focusing on their last six matches, Brazil secured victories against Peru and Bolivia, suffered defeats against Colombia, Uruguay, and Senegal, and had a draw with Venezuela. On the other hand, Argentina emerged victorious against Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Indonesia, with their only loss coming at the hands of Uruguay.

Historical Head-to-Head Record

The historical encounters between Brazil and Argentina date back to October 2018, with six matches played between them since then. Both teams have won twice, and two games have ended in draws. Their most recent face-off was on November 17, 2021, in the CONMEBOL World Cup Preliminaries, ending in a 0-0 stalemate. In these encounters, Brazil has managed to score a total of 3 goals, while Argentina has scored 2 goals.

Preview: North Macedonia vs England

On November 20, North Macedonia is set to face off against England in the QR, Group C of the European Championship. The match is scheduled to begin at 19:45 UTC.

Previous Meetings and Team Strategies

The national teams of North Macedonia (often referred to as FYR Macedonia) and England are gearing up for a rematch, five months following their last encounter in the QR Group C, where England triumphed with a decisive 7-0 victory. Following a recent loss to Italy, North Macedonia’s team, under the guidance of their coach, is expected to focus heavily on strengthening their defense, especially considering their trend of conceding goals in their last three matches.

Contrastingly, the England national football team is entering the match with high spirits, having achieved four consecutive victories against Malta, Italy, Australia, and Scotland. This winning streak has extended their unbeaten run to a total of nine matches.

Analyzing Recent Performances

North Macedonia’s recent form shows a loss to Italy in their previous match. In contrast, England has been on a successful run, defeating Malta, Italy, Australia, and Scotland in their last four matches. Statistically, North Macedonia has secured 8 wins, 9 losses, and 3 draws out of their last 20 matches. England, on the other hand, boasts a stronger record with 13 wins, 3 losses, and 4 draws in their last 20 games.

In their last six matches, North Macedonia has achieved two victories (3-1 against Armenia and 0-2 against Malta), suffered three defeats (5-2 to Italy, 2-0 to Ukraine, and 7-0 to England), and managed one draw (1-1 with Italy). Meanwhile, England has recorded five wins (against Malta, Italy, Australia, Scotland, and North Macedonia) and one draw (with Ukraine) in their recent six games.

Team News

North Macedonia

Coach Blagoja Milevski of North Macedonia heads into the match with no injury concerns, having a fully fit squad at his disposal.


Gareth Southgate, the manager of England’s team, also enjoys the advantage of a completely healthy squad, with no injury worries to consider for the upcoming game.

Head-to-Head Record

The head-to-head record between these two teams since June 2023 shows only one encounter, which England won. Their last matchup on June 20, 2023, in the QR, Group C of the European Championship, ended in a 7-0 victory for England. Across this sole head-to-head match, North Macedonia failed to score, while England accumulated a total of 7 goals.

Preview: Poland vs Czech Republic

Date and Time: November 17, European Championship Encounter

Poland’s national team will face the Czech Republic in a crucial European Championship qualifying match in Group E on November 17. The game is scheduled to begin at 19:45 UTC.

Previous Encounters and Current Form

The last meeting between these two teams was eight months ago in the same group, where the Czech Republic emerged victorious with a 3-1 scoreline. Poland enters this match following a draw against Moldova on October 16 in Group E of the qualifiers.

On the other hand, the Czech Republic is riding a wave of confidence, having secured a 1-0 victory against Faroe Islands in their last Group E match. However, the Czech defense has shown vulnerabilities, conceding goals in their last three away matches.

Recent Performances

Poland’s Recent Outcomes

Poland’s last game ended in a stalemate with Moldova. Analyzing their last 20 games, they have a balanced record with 8 wins, 8 losses, and 4 draws. In their six most recent matches, Poland has achieved three victories (against Faroe Islands twice and Germany once), suffered two defeats (to Albania and Moldova), and had one draw (against Moldova).

Czech Republic’s Game History

The Czech Republic, after defeating Faroe Islands in their previous game, mirrors Poland’s record in their last 20 matches – 8 wins, 6 losses, and 6 draws. In their past six games, they have won three times (against Faroe Islands twice and Montenegro once), lost once (to Albania), and drawn twice (against Hungary and Albania).

Team Insights

Poland Team News

Michał Probierz, the Polish team’s coach, has the luxury of a fully fit squad for the upcoming match, with no injury concerns to address.

Czech Republic Team Condition

Similarly, Czech Republic’s coach Jaroslav Šilhavý faces no fitness issues in his squad, presenting him with a full roster to select from for this crucial match.

Head-to-Head Record

The history between Poland and Czech Republic shows three encounters since November 2015. Poland has claimed victory once, while the Czech Republic has won twice. Their most recent encounter was on March 25, 2023, in the European Championship qualifiers, where Czech Republic triumphed 3-1. Across these matches, Poland has netted a total of 4 goals, while the Czech Republic has scored 5.

Preview: Georgia vs Scotland

On November 16, Georgia and Scotland are set to face off in the QR, Group A stage of the European Championship. This eagerly anticipated match is scheduled to commence at 17:00 UTC.

Recent Encounters and Current Form

This match marks a rematch for the two national teams, following their last encounter in the QR Group A, where Scotland emerged victorious with a 2-0 win. The Georgia national football team enters this game on a high, celebrating consecutive victories against Cyprus and Thailand. They aim to maintain this momentum against the Scottish side.

Contrastingly, the Scotland national football team is experiencing a rough patch. The team is looking to rebound after suffering three consecutive defeats at the hands of France, Spain, and England.

Comparative Performance

Georgia’s recent form is impressive, with victories over Cyprus and Thailand in their last two matches. On the other hand, Scotland is grappling with a series of losses against France, Spain, and England. In their last 20 games, Georgia has secured 13 wins, 4 losses, and 3 draws. Scotland’s record in their past 20 matches includes 11 wins, 6 losses, and 3 draws.

In their six most recent games, Georgia has achieved three victories (4-0 against Cyprus, 8-0 against Thailand, and 2-1 against Cyprus) and three losses (2-1 against Norway, 1-7 against Spain, and 2-0 against Scotland). Scotland’s last six games resulted in three wins (3-0 against Cyprus, 2-0 against Georgia, and 2-1 against Norway) and three losses (4-1 against France, 2-0 against Spain, and 3-1 against England).

Team Updates


Managed by Willy Sagnol, the Georgian team is in excellent condition with no injury concerns. This gives them a full-strength squad to select from for the upcoming match.


Similarly, the Scotland squad, led by manager Steve Clarke, is in top form with no players sidelined due to injuries. This bodes well for their preparations ahead of the match.

Historical Head-to-Head

Georgia and Scotland have faced each other three times since October 2014. In these encounters, Georgia has clinched one win, while Scotland has won twice. Their most recent meeting was on June 21, 2023, in the QR, Group A of the European Championship, which saw Scotland winning 2-0. Across these head-to-head matches, Georgia has netted a total of 1 goal, whereas Scotland has scored 3 goals.

Preview: Belgium vs Serbia

The upcoming friendly football match featuring Belgium and Serbia is set to take place on November 15, with the kickoff scheduled for 19:45 UTC.

Belgium’s Impressive Run

The Belgian national football team is currently enjoying a strong performance streak, having triumphed in recent matches against Austria, Estonia, and Azerbaijan. This has extended their unbeaten run to a total of eight games, highlighting their solid form.

Serbia’s Defensive Challenges

While the Serbian national team enters the match buoyed by a recent 3-1 victory in QR Group G against Montenegro, they have shown some vulnerabilities in their defense. The team has consistently conceded goals in their last six matches, indicating a potential area of concern.

Comparative Form and Recent Results

Belgium is currently riding a wave of victories, having defeated Austria, Estonia, and Azerbaijan in their last four matches. Serbia also comes off a win against Montenegro. Looking at the broader picture, Belgium has secured 11 wins in their last 19 games, with 4 losses and 4 draws. Serbia, on the other hand, has 12 wins from their last 20 matches, alongside 5 losses and 3 draws.

Breaking down their recent six-match performance, Belgium has achieved five wins (2-3 against Austria on October 14, 5-0 against Estonia on September 13, 0-1 against Azerbaijan on September 9, 0-3 against Estonia on June 21, and 2-3 against Germany on March 29) and one draw (1-1 against Austria on June 18).

In contrast, Serbia has recorded three wins (3-1 against Montenegro on October 18, 1-3 against Lithuania on September 11, and 3-2 against Jordan on June 17), two losses (2-1 against Hungary on October 15 and 1-2 against Hungary on September 8), and one draw (1-1 against Bulgaria on June 21) in their last six games.

Preview: Stockport vs Bolton

Stockport County will face Bolton Wanderers in the English Football League Trophy at Stockport on November 14, 2023. The match is scheduled to commence at 19:30 UTC.

Stockport and Bolton meet again a year after their previous friendly encounter ended in a 2-2 draw. Stockport are enjoying a tremendous run of form lately, having gone undefeated in their last 14 matches. Victories over opponents such as Swindon Town, Worksop Town, Tranmere Rovers, Crewe Alexandra, Grimsby Town, Harrogate Town, Salford City, Doncaster Rovers, Forest Green Rovers, Accrington Stanley, Wrexham, Milton Keynes Dons and AFC Wimbledon have extended their unbeaten streak.

Bolton arrive in optimistic spirits as well, having won their last 6 games consecutively against sides including Blackpool, Shrewsbury Town, Solihull Moors, Charlton Athletic, Wycombe Wanderers and Northampton Town. They have been watertight defensively, keeping 4 clean sheets in a row.

Recent Form

Stockport are on a 14 match unbeaten run, winning 13 and drawing 2 of their last 20 games. Bolton have won 14 of their most recent 20 matches, losing 3 and drawing 3.

In their last 6 matches, Stockport have emerged victorious 6 times (2-4 vs Swindon, 5-1 vs Worksop, 2-0 vs Tranmere, 0-2 vs Crewe, 3-2 vs Grimsby, 1-3 vs Harrogate).

Bolton have also won their previous 6 encounters (1-0 vs Blackpool, 0-2 vs Shrewsbury, 4-0 vs Solihull, 0-2 vs Charlton, 2-4 vs Wycombe, 2-1 vs Northampton).

Team News


Manager Dave Challinor has a fully fit squad to choose from.


Apart from George Johnston who is recovering from knee surgery, manager Ian Evatt has no major injury issues.


Stockport and Bolton have played each other 4 times since July 2017. Stockport have won once, with the other 3 matches ending in draws. Most recently, they played to a 2-2 draw in a friendly on July 5, 2022. In their 4 meetings, Stockport have scored 9 goals compared to Bolton’s 7.

Preview: Sarmiento vs Godoy Cruz

Sarmiento will face off against Godoy Cruz in Argentina’s Liga Profesional Round 2 action on November 13th at 22:00 UTC.

These two sides last met 7 months ago when their Liga Profesional Round 2 match ended in a 1-1 draw. Sarmiento enters this clash coming off a victory over Newells Old Boys last Sunday.

Meanwhile, Godoy Cruz is also in good spirits after claiming a 2-0 win against Platense in their previous fixture.

Recent Form

Sarmiento defeated Newells Old Boys last time out, while Godoy Cruz beat Platense in their most recent match. Looking at overall recent form, Sarmiento has 4 wins, 7 losses, and 9 draws in their last 20 games. Godoy Cruz has 8 wins, 4 losses, and 8 draws in their past 20 matches.

In their last 6 games, Sarmiento has 1 win (0-1 v Newells Old Boys on 11/6), 2 losses (2-1 v Estudiantes on 10/24 and 1-0 v Union Santa Fe on 10/9), and 3 draws (0-0 v San Lorenzo on 10/31, 1-1 v Racing on 10/20, and 1-1 v Barracas Central on 10/3).

Meanwhile, Godoy Cruz has 4 wins (2-0 v Platense on 11/7, 0-2 v Newells Old Boys on 10/27, 1-0 v San Lorenzo on 10/20, and 0-1 v Estudiantes on 10/8), 1 loss (1-0 v Tigre on 11/1), and 1 draw (1-1 v Instituto on 10/3) in their past 6 matches.

Team News

Sarmiento will be without José Mauri and Lisandro López due to injuries.

Godoy Cruz only has one absence in Nahuel Ulariaga who is sidelined.


Sarmiento and Godoy Cruz have met 5 times since May 2015, with 3 draws and 2 Godoy Cruz wins. Their last match in April ended 1-1. Across the 5 meetings, Sarmiento has scored 4 goals while Godoy Cruz has scored 6.