VfL Wolfsburg vs Mainz Predictions&Tips

[Tipster from Soccerpet] Wolfsburg will be undefeated.
Reason: Wolfsburg will successfully stain their status once they get 3 goals, which makes them energetic and full of confidence. As for Mainz, they have extremely bad performance recently as away team in latest 10 games: 1 draw and 9 loses. So in this condition, they are nearly hopeless.

[Soccerpet]: Draw
Reason: In the latest 10 games, Wolfsburg got 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 loses. Also, it lost 4 games in German Bundesliga. In the game between Dortmund and Wolfsburg, Wolf was badly defeated. The score was 6:1. Mainz didn’t win for 4 games, from which, we are able to guess how depressed they are. However, in the first game this season between Mainz and Wolfsburg, Mainz got 3 scores but Wolf got 0. With all this, we guess this game will be draw.