Methods of getting free coins!

Aftering collecting advice and suggestions from Soccerpet users in Discover, we found many most of users want free picks every day. So Soccerpet provide you guys several ways to get free picks only if you are willing to spend several minutes to tap on your phone.

  1. Punch in and win coins every day.

 Go to “More”- “Task Center” Tap it and enter that page, you will punch in automatically. The first day you punch in, you will get 1 coin, but if you continue to punch in for three days, you will get 4 coins in total. The longer you insist, the more coins you will get. That means, if you punch in for 1 week continuously, you will get 16 coins.

2. Post in Discover.

Post to get 1 coin every day!  

There are two entrances for you to post. First, go to “Discover” and click the logo to post. Second, go to “More”-”Task Center”- “Post Activities” and click Post to share your opinions on matches. Of course, the content you post must be useful and informative. Also, the post of yours should be reviewed and the coin will be sent to your account after the review.

3. Watch videos (5 times each day)

As displayed, one video, one coin. And there are 5 videos for you to watch. That means, you can earn 5 coins every day. Nevertheless, you should watch the whole videos. If you watch half of the video, the coin will not be sent to your account.

All in all, if you are able to complete all the tasks for one week, you will get 58 coins. Act now and earn coins to get free picks!