The Super Experts Last Week

To 18 Nov, our experts have been continuously sharing their expertise which ultimately records a quite incredible winning rate and profit rate for our users. Below is a brief introduction to our partial experts and their performance.

Expert Rosetta Katharine-8 win streak, 100% win rate in the last 3 days

Expert Rosetta Katharine is a very hard-working expert with higher quality outputs. In the last 3 days, he got no lose but 8 win streak, which means he has 100% win rate. That’s the best grade he has ever got in the recent few months. Since he has such a good condition, why not support him?

Expert Sheila Alejandra-1638% profit rate

Expert Sheila Alejandra is one of our most dedicated experts so far. But as you see, even though he was in a bad condition recently, he can still get such a high profit rate. No one can keep good forever. Try to trust him and give yourself a chance!

Expert Makenna Byley- 14 picks per week, 8 in 10

Expert Makenna Byley is one of our best experts in history. By obtaining a very unique way of analysis, he successfully made his winning rate as high as 100% in the last 3 days, which ultimately making his hit record 8 in 10.