List of the Super Experts

Wilda Murray 12 win streak

Wilda Murray ranked first in the list this time with the grade 12 win steak and 100% win rate in the last 3 days. “I regarded it as my career since I was very young, cos my dad loves predicting, too and he has earned a lot from it.” “I’ve got a lot these days, not only money. Thank you Soccerpet! For the chance!” No matter what, let’s support the man and give him the confidence on predicting.

Francesca Murray 2247% profit rate

You can always see Francesca in the hot experts lists in our APP, right? He is one of the most excellent experts in Soccerpet, but he is also the most modest. What he want is money, just like you guys. So he can always get high profit. If you wanna make money, come and follow him!

Clown 10 of 11 win

Wow wow wow, look who is it! Clown! Maybe you guys have bought his tips several times cos we promoted him before. Honestly, he is terribly excellent. He has been in the list in the last three weeks and from time to time, he can always give us surprises. 8 win streak is not his strength, he can get greater grade. You know, there are two kinds of experts in Soccerpet: One with analysis and one without. Obviously, experts who can analyse are facing more challenges. So my bro, come and support Clown!