Our top football experts

Sean Watson 1652% profit rate in the last 7 days

It’s the first time for Sean Watson to be here because of his high profit rate in the last 7 days. 1652% profit rate, the high number shows that he has brought his followers a big surprise in the last few days. However, it’s not his final goal. “I will be the frequenter of the list!” Said he with a proud face and tone. Hope to see him in the list next time.

Kyle Edwards 11 win streak

“It’s always eyeable to see the red in my personal page.” Kyle Edwards was very happy when he knew he got the chance to be here. Pursuing win streak is always his aim, which can bring him great satisfaction. I believe he must be as ecstatic as his image now. You can be glad for your grade, but modesty is the only law to get to a higher level.

Soccercups 100% win rate in the last 3 days

Soccercups is very hardworking and modest which comes from what we have been talking. He said it has been a habit for him to learn from other professional experts. “That’s indeed works. Look, I’m here now.” Yes, hard working and efforts will be rewarded one day. Guys, come and supports the hard boy!