Superstar Experts of EURO Cup 2021

List of superstar experts last week
Atticus Adrian 11 winning streaks and 100% win rate

Atticus Adrian, one of the best experts in our app, had an amazing performance last week. 11 winning streaks, 100% win rate in the last 7 days and 976% profit rate, all of which could shock us. Atticus said he had the confidence to always keep the superstar of our app and keep his winning streaks. But words are too unpersuasive than results.

Wilda Murray 1054% profit rate

Wilda Murray had an excellent performance recently. He got 8 hits in 10 matches in his last 10 picks. What’s more even noteworthy is that his profit in the last 7 days has been up to 1054%! Followers of him must have won a lot, don’t you guys? However, what we need to pay attention is his following performance. After all, we need an eternal superstar!