New superstars are rising up!

【Easywin】 6 winning streaks
【Wilda Murray】 1318% Profit
【Marcus Dater】 9 hits in 10

Getting winning streak is really difficult, don’t you guys think so? But Easywin did it. In his last 10 picks, he got a 6 winning streaks, which borke his record before. Anyway, he deserves a thumb-up!

Wilda Murray not only had 10 hits in 11 matches, but also improved his profit up to 1318%! He can always bring his followers surprises! “Betting is my interest,” he said, “I will devote myself to the betting world!” Let’s look forward to his better performance.

Marcus Dater and Wilda Murray are rivals and friends. They competed always and compared with each other in the picks performance. This time, the two enter the superstar list together, which means they are both professional and excellent: Marcus got 9 hits in 10 matches in the last 7 days. Well, we all hope they have a more intense competition.