Hi, guys, new superstar experts come out now

List of superstar experts

Clarice Oswald 9 win streaks
Clarice Oswald ranked fourth in the list this time. 9 win streak contributes a lot to his current position, and his hardworking attitude leads him to the success. He posted 32 picks per week, an average of 4 picks a day. Being a follower of down to earth expert must feel very reassuring.

River Lewis 100% win rate in the last 7 days
River Lewis, the second one in the list this time, is a new expert of Soccerpet. However, he doesn’t perform like a newbie at all. His performance astonished every one: he achieved 100% win rate in the last 7 days! That means every of his pick is posted after careful consideration.

Matthew Murphy 91% win rate in the last 3 days; 617% profit
Matthew Murphy is top of the line in every aspect, although he ranks third this time. 90% win rate and 617% profit are enough for him to get hundreds of followers. His weekly profit profit curve increases in straight line level, which shows how great condition he is in the last 7 days. Let’s look forward his following performance.