LAST 7 DAYS’ Outstanding EXPERTS
[Multibetting] 8 winning streaks
[Robin Ahmed] 9 winning streaks
[Archer Odalis] 710% profit

1. Expert Multibetting

He, one of our best experts, still kept his high winning rate in recent days. With 28 picks per week on average, Multibetting became one of the most popular experts in our APP. Multibetting recorded 701% profit rate and up to 75 winning rate on the average odds of 1.9

2. Expert Robin Ahmed

Robin Ahmed had an amazing performance in the last 7 days. He got a 9 winning streaks and won himself a good reputation, as well as a lot of followers. With his unique analyzing method, he helped the realization of 431% profit rate on the average odds of 1.89

3. Expert Archer Odalis

With a high profit rate which reaches 710, Archer Odalis obtained a cult of crazy followers. He loves betting and is willing to face more challenges. Bringing a big win-win for his followers and himself is his ultimate goal. Let’s wait and see.

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