Who will be heading for the title? UEFA Europa League Final Villarreal vs Manchester United

With the closing of the Five Popular Leagues, now it’s time for us to head to 2021 UEFA Europa League Final and 2021 UEFA Champions League Final. And first comes UEFA Europa League Final Villarreal vs Manchester United at 12:00PM at Pacific time on Thursday at PGE Arena Gdańsk, Poland. With both teams are ambitious for the champion title, it will prove to be an quite exciting and fierce competitions. 

Manager Unai Emery Etxegoien aims to make a miracle.

Even though having one of the most successful managers Unai Emery Etxegoien in UEFA Europa history, Villarreal is not to many’s favourite. However, Villarreal proves themselves by being one of the teams keeping unbeaten this season. What’s more, Villarreal has been doing quite amazing while competing against non-La Liga teams in UEFA Europa League these years with 16 wins and 7 draws including 13 Europa competitions this season.
Moreover, improvisational performance plays a key role in a game where two teams are of similar strengths and forms. Having been refreshed to be a well-fitted team with good forms, combined with their smooth playing style, Villarreal enjoyed a very easy breakthrough even facing up with Real Madrid and Arsenal. Especially, Villarreal has paid more attention to offense this season.
Gerard Moreno Balagueró is the most popular player in Villarreal who successfully scored 23 goals this season, becoming the only native Spanish player with at least 23 scores since Diego Costa with 27 record. Let’s expect his appearance.
Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær KSO expects to pick his first champion since coaching Manchester United

Manchester United successfully entered the top 4 in UEFA Europa League, EFL Cup and FA Cup last season. Entering the new season, though missing out UEFA champions qualification, Manchester United came along the way to the final of UEFA Europa League, looking forward to secure their initial champions since 2 and half years ago. What’s worth mentioning is that Manchester United has won 10 of their 17 non-home games in UEFA Europa League, showing extremely excellent performance.
Due to a protest movement raised by fans of Manchester United, the game between Manchester United and Liverpool was delayed without any other choices. As result, Manchester United has a quite close and concentrated timeline in mid May. However, it doesn’t affect their mood. With a big exchange for main players, Manchester United is now fully prepared and well fitted for the final.
In terms of their tactics, Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes who is of highest level of running and passing is the only choice, which in most case will determine if Manchester United is able to head for the title. In addition, one of their best left guard Luke Shaw so far will for sure creates more scoring chances for Edinson Roberto Cavani Gómez, Marcus Rashford, etc.
In terms of forms, Villarreal guard Juan Marcos Foyth and midfield Samuel Chukwueze will be missing out for their injuries whereas Manchester United back guard Philip Anthony Jones and forward will be absent as well. 

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