Publish Expert Picks and Earn Money

Hey, guys, welcome Soccerpet Tipster Union !

We provide the skilled bettors a way to earn money through selling picks. And at the meantime, those picks also help bettors place better bets to win more cash.

If you know how to pick winning bets and want to help other bettors win, sign up to become our tipster. Money and reputation will both belong to you !

  • Keep attracting buyers and earn unlimited cash
  • Earn money through picks sales
  • Withdraw your funds any time, any place
  • Earn a stable income with no risk
  • Grow a loyal following and recognition as a skilled bettor

Done the research and know the outcome of an upcoming match ? Create your pick and it’ll immediately be added to our web and app database for buyers to purchase

Once you post a real-time pick, we’ll push it to over 10,000+ bettors. The bettors will purchase it if they are satisfied with your pick. And finally, the money from pick sales will be a part of your monthly income

The earnings will be given directly to you. How much money you will make depends entirely on how successful (win rate) your picks are. The range of the money you can earn is between 100-2000 eur / month

Are you ready for the big bucks flowing into your bank account ?

If yes, here’s how to get started (don’t fret, it’s super simple) :

Application Documents Collection :

All required application documents with valid and effective information are advised to deliver via the soccerpet official register platform

Expert Welcome :

After successfully verified, applicators will be granted Expert Identity, and informed with expert picks publication guidance via soccerpet official email [email protected].

Publication and Review of Expert Picks :

All expert picks edited by verified experts will be reviewed by our staff. Once verified, it will be published by soccerpet for all users’ access and purchase.

Experts Earnings and Withdrawal :

Experts will be awarded once its picks are purchased by users. Detailed earning and withdrawal rules are showed on soccerpet tipster union

*Importance: If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]